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Dumpster Rental Guide

When planning to use a dumpster for a renovation or remodeling project in Houston, there are a few things to know before you get started. This guide will help you to understand what sort of questions you need to ask about dumpster rentals, what information you need to give when asking for quotes, who to contact for a quote and what you need to prepare for a dumpster to be delivered.

The first thing to do is to have a list of your requirement ready before you start requesting price quotes for dumpster rentals. Getting answers to the right questions will make the whole process less costly. When you know what questions to ask, you will not be faced with any unexpected penalties or additional fees.

The final stage is your preparation of the site where you will be using the dumpster. This will reduce the risk of damage and will make your renovation or remodeling project to be completed more efficiently.

Prepare to Request a Price Quotemain-image

It saves a lot of time when you have some basic information ready before you begin asking for quotes. This is data that rental companies need to know if they are to provide you with an accurate quote.

You need to tell them exactly what sort of materials you intend to dispose of and approximately how much there will be. Then the dumpster rental company will be able to recommend the right size for your needs.

The reason a rental company needs to know what type of material is going to be placed in the dumpster is to ensure that no prohibited materials are involved. They will be able to advise you of the legal requirements about disposal of hazardous materials.

If you are unsure about exactly how much waste material you need to dispose of the best thing to do is to rent a bigger size than you think you need. If the dumpster you choose is not big enough for the job, you would then need to rent an additional one, which could double the cost.

The next thing a company needs to know is the length of time you intend to keep the container and the date you require it to be delivered. When asking for quotes you should allow at least one week for arrangements to be made for delivery. The company needs to ensure that the size of container you want to rent is going to be available at the time you require it to be delivered and for the total number of days you plan to be using it.

Where to Find Reputable Dumpster Rentals

One way to decide which company to approach for a price quote is to ask for a recommendation from anyone you know who has previously rented a dumpster.

Another way is to do this is to use the Internet to find dumpster rentals in Houston. Look for customer reviews and visit the Better Business Bureau website, where you will find out how well each company is rated.

Questions to Ask About Dumpster Rentals

There are some further details you really need to know about. It’s important that you ask each company about possible penalties or any extra charges you might be expected to pay. The first question is to ask whether you will be given a firm price quote.

Ask whether the price you are quoted is dependent on staying within a set weight limit. When there is a weight limit you need to know exactly how much you would be charged if your materials exceed that limit.

You must also ask about landfill charges. You need to know if landfill charges are included in the quoted price or if this is an additional charge you will have to pay.

Penalties are another unexpected expense that you might have to cover. A penalty can be charged by a dumpster rental company if you unintentionally break their terms, as set out in the agreement.

You could be charged a penalty if you use the dumpster to dispose of any prohibited material. Be sure to ask for a full list of items that are prohibited, which would result in you having to pay a penalty.

A penalty may also be charged if your project goes over schedule and you want to retain the dumpster for longer than initially agreed. Always ask about additional charges for keeping it longer than you had planned. Do this when you get a quote and before you decide which rental company to use.

By asking these questions from each company on your list of dumpster rentals you will then be far better informed. When you consider the possibilities of having to pay extra on top of the price quoted you will be able to reach the right decision about which company is most cost effective for your project.

Preparations for Delivery Day

Before preparing for delivery, do be aware that you will need a permit from the council offices if you plan on placing a dumpster anywhere on a street in Houston.

If the site is located on your property then make sure that the delivery truck will be able to drive up to where you want the dumpster placed and make sure that access is clear.

Avoid any damage being caused by the wheels of a container by using plywood to support the wheels even if the location is your driveway. Consider the weight of a filled container and don’t have it placed anywhere the ground is soft. Avoid having it on any area of grass that could be harmed by the weight.

Remember that the container will need to be covered when it is removed from your site. Nothing should be sticking out beyond the sides. Ideally a dumpster should not be more than three-quarters full when it’s ready for removal.

When you follow these simple guidelines you will reduce the risk of damage and unexpected costs. You will get the best price by preparing in advance and choosing the best company for dumpster rentals in Houston.

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